Featured Rider Amber Wing
Amber Wing

Name: Amber Wing
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Birthday: January 2, 1983
Height: 5' 2"
Board: Liquid Force Cadence 134
Stance: Regular (Right Foot Forward)
Rope/Handle: Liquid Force Black widow
Vest: Wing Ariel Side Entry
Boat/PWC: 1250kg fat sacks
Sponsors: Liquid Force, Wing Wetsuits, The Wakeboard Camp
Years Riding: 5 years
Year Competing: 4 years
Favorite Music: Hip hop, anything i can dance to
Favorite Food: A good steak medium rare
Favorite Movie/Video: That's really tough. All time favourite Dirty Dancing.


TCF: How old were you when you started wakeboarding/wakeskating?:

AW: 18


TCF: How did you get involved in the sport?

AW: My friend strapped it on my feet and said i had to try it. Never stopped since that day.


TCF: How would you describe your riding style?

AW: I like to grab everything and try and poke things out, also mix it up between spins and flips. I love hitting rails!!


TCF: Do other sports (skating, snowboarding, ping pong) influence your riding style? How?
AW: Not to much, i hardly ever get to go to the snow, i try and skateboard a lil but i am pretty bad, i enjoy a game of pool at the pub or camp!?! I like to rollerskate and jump on the trampoline. People influence my riding, not other sports.


TCF: Do you use the trampoline or any other off-water training (life weights, run, etc..)?

AW: Jumping on the trampoline helps my wakeboarding a lot, i also go to the gym a lot, working my legs and core strength.


TCF: What new tricks can we expect to see from you this year?

AW: wow who knows, whoever i ride with influences me on what new tricks i try and learn!!!


TCF: What line length and boat speed do you ride at?

AW: I ride at 80ft line and about 24 i think, well it is about 26 on perfect pass...who knows...not me...whatever feels good when i am out the back really.


TCF: What's your favorite riding spot?

AW: Home! The Port Hacking River


TCF What do you do when you're not on the water?

AW: Play on my computer, keep myself busy, anything fun that stops me from getting bored.


TCF: Do you have a favorite rider or riders?

AW: Keith Lyman, Ben Greenwood and Chris Oshea


TCF: What's your favorite trick?

AW: To do - Tail or stail to blind


TCF: What division do you compete in?

AW: Pro Women Wakeboarding


TCF: What local comps do you ride at?

AW: Performance Gravel Tour if I am around, Local NSW Contest when i am home they are held at Windsor Stadium!


TCF: What comps do you plan on doing this year?

AW: WWC World Cup Doha-France-China-Singapore, Masters, Pro Tour, US Nationals, Worlds, Gravity Games, X-Games (if i get invited)


TCF: What are your goals for this season?
AW: To learn lots of new tricks, and ride well in the contests.


TCF: Any tips for any just starting out wakeboarding/wakeskating?
AW: It is a good idea when you are just starting to get some professional lessons, this helps you start with good habits, proper body position and stance. It is a great base for progressing your wakeboarding skills in the right direction. Have fun and smile anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

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