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Andrea Fountain

Name: Andrea Fountain
Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand & Narcoossee, Orlando, FL
Birthday: 19th September 1981
Height: 5.2 or there abouts
Board: Liquid Force Maven, Cadence 134
Stance: as wide as it goes, and a little duck
Rope/Handle: Liquid Force
Vest: Liquid Force
Boat:: 2007 Malibu VLX Wakesetter, full to the brim and then some & Courtney's Mastercraft X2
Sponsors: Liquid Force Maven, Pinnacle Programme & Hyundai, Gallaz Footwear, Ballistics
Years Riding: 7years
Year Competing: 3rd year in Pro Women
Favorite Music: Samenella Dub, Fat Freddies Drop, Evermore, Hi Fidelity Lounge, Shihad
Favorite Food: japanese, homemade gourmet bbq-ing!
Favorite Movie/Video: Memiors of a Giesha, Amilie,

How old were you when you started wakeboarding?: 17years old


How did you get involved in the sport?
my borther brought home a wakeboard, and so we got started riding together behind the smallest boat in the world ! But then progressed to bigger and better ones as we got better..


How would you describe your riding style?
I like to go big & clean, into the flats.... and im trying to get more technical now


Do other sports (skating, snowboarding, ping pong) influence your riding style? How?
I guess snowboarding has influenced my riding style, big floaty tricks. I just dont get to go snowboarding anymore as I'm following the summers...


Do you use the trampoline or any other off-water training (life weights, run, etc..)?

Ride a bike, try and use the tramp but the knees arent loving it!


What new tricks can we expect to see from you this year?
At the moment I'm working on t/s 540, h/s 540 and hopefully some sort mobe..


What line length and boat speed do you ride at?


What's your favorite riding spot?
Lake Mary Jane with the girls, and back home I love to ride at Lake Ohakuri, its chilli but always good times.


What do you do when you're not on the water?

mmm... make yummy & healthy food to eat between sets, listen to music, the girls & I geek out on our computers, go bowling, have bbq's, paint...


Do you have a favorite rider or riders?
Dallas because she goes massive like no other girl, could put up a battle against the boys... Leslie for her style, and everyone with an awesome attitude like shaun murray and hayley smith


What's your favorite trick?

A massive slob 3 into the flats and a toeside indie backroll to revert


What division do you compete in?

Pro Women


What local comps do you ride at?

In New Zealand I ride at most of the local comps, Tairua Pipe Masters is a killer event back home!


What comps do you plan on doing this year?
I still have the 4th & last WWC World Cup Stop in Singapore, WWA Worlds, US Nationals, Pan American, Australian Pro Tour, NZ Nationals


What are your goals for this season?
Finish in the top 5 for the World Cup, make top 3 for the Australian Pro Tour and make it to finals for WWA Worlds, US Nationals....


Any tips for any just starting out wakeboarding/wakeskating?
Go get some lessons at the beginning, it will give you good basics to learn harder tricks correctly, I didnt really have any lesson until a couple years down the track and got into some bad habits! AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD CREW TO RIDE WITH, and a couple of other girls help too!

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