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Featured Rider Amber Wing
Amber Wing

Name: Cathy Williams

Hometown: Murray Kentucky/ currently living in Orlando Florida

Birthday: July 11, 1969

Height: 5 '7"

Board: LF Team 34

Stance: all the way out angle about 10/12 degrees

Rope/Handle: Straight line Amoeba grip, with a pnk/blck & wht Viper line 78ft.

Vest: Straight Line

Boat: '06 Tige 24VE total weight with Straight Line launch ballast system 3000lbs. Taps on 1 or 2 depending on how many people extra we have.
Sponsors: Tige' boats, Bazooka Marine Audio, Straight Line Watersports, Liquid Force Maven, Reef, Performance Ski & Surf, Liquid Mountain clothing, Peter Grimm hats

Years Riding: 10

Year Competing: 9

Favorite Music: If it's got a beat I'm listenin, I don't discriminate!

Favorite Food: LOVE STEAK MEDIUM RARE ...and Italian food

Favorite Movie/Video: Happy Gilmore, Old School, Talledega Nights and The fifth element


TCF: How old were you when you started wakeboarding?:

CW: 27


TCF: How did you get involved in the sport?

CW: Through Performance Ski and surf, my boss Bill is awesome he hired me knowing I didn't have any experience in watersport's which was cool. On my days off he would encourage me to try all the different sports that we promoted, it made work more interesting and fun...I tried slalom skiing, kneeboarding, trick skiing and the I gave wakeboarding a go!!!!!! SOOOOOO much fun...I was hooked!


TCF: How would you describe your riding style?

CW: Depends on what side of the bed I wake up on it seems..the left? I go out nice and smoothe , clean good times and then maybe I get up on the right side and I am all over the show pulling stuff out of my (*)...then again I think that is just wakeboarding plus being a girl throws a wrench in it :*


TCF: Do other sports influence your riding style?

CW: Wakeboarding influences my other sports because I wakeboarded first then everything else came later like snowboarding, skateboarding and moto-x, i pretty much learned to surf behind the boat first before surfing on the ocean.


TCF: Do you use the trampoline or any other off-water training?

CW: I should and I keep telling myself I will start...it is important but my travel/clinic and comp schedule is so demanding I am unable to have any regimented work out...so I get on the Indo Board for balance training and it keeps my ankles and knees strong for all the other sideways sports...I try to ride my mountain bike as much as possible here in the mountainous terrain of Florida :) It's the best knee work out ever!


TCF: What new tricks can we expect to see from you this year?

CW: This year is winding down and I am having issues with what was my good knee. When it gets up to par I would like to learn a tootsie roll, whirly and I have always wanted to do a backside 5...that would be cool!


TCF: What line length and boat speed do you ride at?

CW: Behind my Tige 24VE I ride at 78ft. and 23.5 mph...other boats I am about 80/82 just cause their wakes widths are different


TCF: What's your favorite riding spot?

CW: Depends on what part of the world I am riding :)


TCF: What do you do when you're not on the water?

CW: I am learning to play guitar it's my new favorite way to relax, I can’t think about anything else cause there is too much going on with finger placemnt strumming and singin all at the same time. We have a pool table at our place so I hit it when I can find a partner...I try to go surfing but the east coast is tough, so I have a skate at Vans or ride my dirt bike at Bithlo race track. I went skydiving the other day for the first time so now I tgot the buzz to get my license...could you imagine being able to jump out of a plane wherever you go? Now that is really seeing the world!


TCF: Do you have a favorite rider or riders?

CW: Yea I like Dallas for her powerful, tech riding, she is starting to grab her shit and if she can keep it massive... it will be silly! I love watching Leslie Kent ride, that chick is the essence of style...there is nothing that girl doesn't grab and I love her Pete!


TCF: What's your favorite trick?

CW: I like Raley's, I got’em last year, super fun and floaty... they feel cool right now, to be all stretched out and exposed. Next year or if I can get a new trick I am sure that will be my favorite...sounds silly to some but I still like the way a tantrum feels ..I like going backwards, lofting it.


TCF: What division do you compete in?

CW: Pro Womens


TCF: What local comps do you ride at?

CW: I am out on the road doing my clinics for Tige and LF Maven, as well as competing on the US and World Cup circuit so it does not give me a lot of time to do local comps anymore. Back in the day I use to do Performance Ski and surf's Gravel Tour...It gives rippers their first start at what competing is all about in a fun atmosphere...the only pressure you feel is what you bring on yourself :)


TCF: What comps do you plan on doing this year?

CW: I won the Aussie Pro Tour at the beginning of the year, that was a great start for 06' I rode the us tour that the women are invited to which was only 2 out of 5 stops eeeeeerrrrgh! 5 World Cup stops that takes me around the world, WakeStock Canada, Gravity Games, US Nationals and the World Champs.


TCF: What are your goals for this season?

CW: I want to commit to a run and do it!I think everyone has a dream run and I want to work towards doing it. I just want to podium as much as possible efore I decide not to compete anymore 


TCF: Any tips for someone just starting out wakeboarding/wakeskating?

CW: Keep an open mind, have fun and try to not get frustrated...if you have a chance to get into a clinic or take some lessons that will always give you an advantage, then trying to suss it out on your own :)


I spend my whole year coaching clinics when I can...I will have my schedule up on Cathy Williams.com gives me good sense of being able to give back to a sport that has given me so much. To be able to live an action sports lifetsyle and travel the world is common for my pro friends but so unimaginable to others…I am really thankful for my life and it’s opportunities.


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