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Featured Rider Stef Tor
Stef Tor :: photos by AntBug

Name: Stef Tor
Hometown: Toronto, Canada (now Orlando, Florida)
Birthday: July 21, 1979
Height: 5’ 3.75”
Board: Liquid Force Impulse 41 or Melissa 41
Stance: super!
Rope/Handle: Purple Hardline handle/Lime Green Liquid Force Envey Rope
Vest: Custom “TOR” Jet Pilot side Entry Vest
Boat/PWC: EPIC, Wake Edition Seadoo
Sponsors: EPIC Wakeboats, Liquid Force, JetPilot, Seadoo, UGP, Utopia Optics, Epic Waterhousing, Rusty Swim, Gallaz, LA Fitness, Body OF Change, Central Florida Powersports, Slidingglass.com, KC Watersports, Rockstar Energy Drink

Years Riding: 6 Year Competing

Favorite Music: Tegan and Sara

Favorite Food: Chickenless Chicken Patties

Favorite Movie/Video: Zoolander


TCF: How old were you when you started wakeboarding/wakeskating?
ST: I started wakeboarding in 1998 when I was 18 and that was also the first time I tried wakeskating.


TCF: How did you get involved in the sport?
ST: Started snow skiing when I was 9 until I was 16. I was 16 when I started snowboarding, at 17 started skateboarding, at 18 started wakeboarding than first tried wakeskating, and now I do them all but as well as surfing and I did BMX racing for a bit


TCF: How would you describe your riding style?
ST: Free rider !


TCF: Do other sports (skating, snowboarding, ping pong) influence your riding
style? How?

ST: I think that being from Canada and snowboarding for the last 10 years I will always have more of a free ride style on a wakeskate than a contest run style. I really enjoy the skateboard style of wakeskating and how technical it feels and looks.


TCF: Do you use the trampoline or any other off-water training (life weights, run, etc..)?
ST: YESS!!! Trampoline, indo board, skateboard, soft trucks, carpet board, snowboard, wakeboard, surfboard, run, yoga, weights, elliptical, and spin class.


TCF: What new tricks can we expect to see from you this year?
ST: That’s top secret!


TCF: What line length and boat speed do you ride at?
ST: 70 feet at 21


TCF: What's your favorite riding spot?
ST: The Projects! And my own backyard!


TCF: What do you do when you're not on the water?
ST: Eat, sleep, Shop, sew, draw, yoga, run, workout, indo board, trampoline, skateboard, surf, and design clothing.


TCF: Do you have a favorite rider or riders?
ST: Danny Hampson!


TCF: What's your favorite trick?
ST: To do: Oilling onto rails!


TCF: What division do you compete in?
ST: Pro Men Wakeskate


TCF: What local comps do you ride at?
ST: Any/all


TCF: What comps do you plan on doing this year?
ST: Some Pro tour stops, Brodeo, Wakestock, Nationals, Worlds, Hippodrome, and what ever ones pop up along the way of the season!


TCF: What are your goals for this season?
ST: To film and shoot as much as possible as well progress my riding to my fullest potential!


TCF: Any tips for any just starting out wakeboarding/wakeskating?
ST: Commit to it! Just think of “What would you try if you could not fail”?

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